“Victor” New bird sculpture begins

Victor stands tall
Victor stands tall

Victor is complete! Well his armature is anyway. No small accomplishment. He stands over two metres tall.

Thanks to my gorgeous man for spending arduous hours bending, cutting and welding metal rods and poles to get him exactly how I envisaged him.

Victor has been two years in the making.

He began as a sketch submitted to the Mornington Peninsula National Gallery for a group exhibition.



A welder was purchased to make his armature. After which Adam and I thought that perhaps a relatively large space may be a good idea in which to bend and cut and weld metal pieces.

So Adam and I set about to create and build the workshop. Now complete.

Adam started the armature of Victor two weeks ago, working pretty solidly as often as he could on him.

So now here he is, inside the house, standing here for his first photo shoot, before being placed into the studio ready for a textile makeover.

Yay! Stay tuned. I’m going to record the process along the way. Promise.



So, what do I write about when I haven’t updated for sooooo long. Hmmmmm well Martha did come to mind. I made two bird sculptures recently. One went into the MPRG gallery for the PST exhibition, and the other I sold to my talented painter buddie Tracy. This is Martha. Martha now has a beautiful home surrounded by lots of other beautiful pieces of artwork. Image on left is Martha, and right side, is detail shot of her back. Pics are side by side if you get what I mean.



Anyway I am excited. I have finally married the perfect combination of a good strong steel armature within a beautiful cover of textile work. My goregeous husband is starting a welding course soon and will be getting quite involved with my work. He’ll be creating the armatures from my sketches and I’ll be covering them. What a team! But it means that the pieces can be as big as I like!!!! Yay! I do enjoy an oversized birdie! So the plan is all slowly coming together and we are even planning to convert a section of the house specifically to welding. All in good time. The warmer weather is coming so it gets us back into building and renovating mode.

Open Studio Weekend 27th & 28th

All set for the PST Open Studio this weekend! I am so going to enjoy myself. I have my brand spankin’ new overalls kindly made by a lovely lady Leanne. Thank you! The house is nice and tidy and I’m looking forward to chatting to visitors about my work. Come along and visit myself or any of the other gorgeous artists. Visit www.peninsulastudiotrail.org for a complete list and map. I’ve made a whole bunch of new goodies and one-offs that you can see and order if you so wish. But pop in for a nice warm cuppa. The urn will be on, and the doors will be open to welcome you in.

Love and light to you all.


Hoots special order

Finished a special order for a little one, soon to arrive. The part of the process I love the most, with what I do, is choosing the colours and textures that will sit together. I loved this combo. The green is just so delicious with the blue. I also have decided to create the feet for my Hoot friends slightly differently. I am much happier with the new look. The blue of the feet also ties back nicely to the blue of the wings. I was especially happy with this little guy. As was the customer, which always puts a smile on my dial, when I get nice feedback. May Jai enjoy his owl!

Love and light sweeties!

Whoo whoo

Textile Sculptures

Is Google just the best thing ever?! When I was a kid if I wanted to know something I looked in the set of Encyclopaedia Britannica that mum and dad had invested in. As I got older I went to the local library. Now I look on Google. You can type in any series of words and wallah, information in your face, wham, bam thank ya mam! I just plugged in textile sculptures, as I am naturally gravitating towards creating larger and larger textile pieces. Low and behold, I am amazed at the amount of amazingly awesome and wacky work out there. Think I might post some piccies up every now and again of some of this work. Some of this stuff just blows my mind!

Have a look at this work by a woman called Joana Vasconcelos. They are gynormous pieces! Would love to see one in the flesh, or fabric. So to speak.

MPRG Sculpture Ideas


The Peninsula Studio Trail (PST) that I’m involved with has an awesome opportunity to have an exhibition at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery next June, that I am really bloody excited about! So I’ve done some sketches for three sculptures ideas. Kooky birds. God, I love them. Birds just completely fascinate me, always have. To me they are the symbol of the spiritual, the freedom of the soul. Oh to fly in the wind!

Anyway enough spiritual babble. Need to be practical and find some welding guru who can now weld up the armatures which will support the textile work to be created around the piece. These will be the largest pieces I have ever produced thus far. I’m pumped. Could not sleep a wink last night thinking about my feathery friends and what is involved in their creation.

Bring it on!

Love and light and may all things feathery delight you

FYBRE Open Studio in October

What have I been doing? Well obviously not posting on my blog! My apologies. I have been so busy that everytime I sit down to write, something comes up. Okay enough with the excuses, I hereby make an effort to post once a week. Just need to timetable it. Ha! Lets see how that goes shall we. Anyway enough with the self-inflicted sarcasm. Good news. The group of artists I have joined, PST (Peninsula Studio Trail) are having an official OPEN STUDIOS weekend in October. Have a read of my flyer below and come one, come all. It should be fun and hopefully the Spring weather will be kind to us and lay a bit of sunshine on for the two days.

Will endeavour to write again next Tuesday. I shall think of it as a date with the best bowl of seafood Risotto I have ever had and therefore choose to attend!

Love and light to you all.ImageImage

Peninsula Studio Trail – PST


I have been fortunate enough to be accepted into a very talented group of artists, collectively called the “Peninsula Studio Trail”.

We are a group of artists along the Mornington Peninsula, and include artists working from a wide and varied range of mediums. These include textiles, pottery, printmaking, painting, drawing, photography, jewellery making and sculpture.

PST was started in 2009, so that it would allow the public access to artists working in their own studio environment. These days it also allows the participating artists many opportunities to work as a collective to showcase the talents as a whole. Not only from their studio workspaces, but in the varying group activities and exhibitions they host throughout the year.

I’m a tad chuffed about being accepted to be completely honest. It is quite a humbling experience to be with a bunch of people who have so much talent between them. I haven’t had the opportunity to see all their works first hand but in time I hope to get around to each studio to learn more about each of their works for myself. I do encourage you to have a look at the recently completed website at www.peninsulastudiotrail.org

So have a squiz and I will be sure to post any up and coming events that we have.

Love and light

Hand Made with Love…

I have cross stitched a sign for my table at the markets. “Hand Made with Love.”

I wanted to let my visitors know that my toys and clothes are not mass produced by some factory, but are lovingly designed and hand-made by me. More importantly however, I want it to serve as a reminder to myself. I value the hand-made. I value the love and personal craftsmanship that an artist or craftsperson pours into their work. Yes, like everyone I do need to make a living with what I do, but may I always remember to do my work with the love and joy that I feel for each creation. I know if the love ever stops it will be time to make a change… Let this serve as my friendly reminder.

Love and light to you all.